WELCOME TO VERBOST! Easy, straight-forward, reliable hosting from your friends at Chicago's 3VERB without all the techno-double-speak you've come to expect from other webhosts. Certainly not the cheapest host in the world, we're just keen on your happiness and dedicated to your satisfaction.

If your site is down, we'll let you know. If your site is broken or malfunctioning, we'll find the answer. We won't shift the blame or launch you into the abyss of confusing 'terrabyte-dedicated-Linux-Unix-Windows' mumbo-jumbo jargon. Sound appealing? Then, make like a circuit and switch; we'll walk you through every step of the process.
VERBOST HOSTING PACKAGES - We offer two (2) Microsoft™ based pre-packaged website hosting plans:
MONTHLY $22 $18 20 emails 1 GB
Twenty email addresses and one gigabyte of drive space on a comfortable Windows 2003 machine in sunny Arizona USA and billed monthly. No set-up fee.
YEARLY $192 40 emails 2 GB
Forty email addresses and two gigabytes of drive space on a comfortable machine in the copper state, Arizona USA; billed yearly. There is no set-up fee. We can help you transfer your domain name; not a problem.
BLUEHOST PACKAGES - Basic Unix/Linux value plan:
MONTHLY $6.95 ~ 4 GB
Read about Reliable, Affordable Business Hosting from Bluehost.com.

WHY VERBOST? At The Verbost Hosting Company we realize that attention to detail pays -- for both you and us. Instead of trying to juggle your account or patch your phone call through to the next unsuspecting customer service representative, we'll listen intently. If we can help make your hosting situation a bit better, we'll jump at the chance. If you'd be better suited with a different type of webhost, we'll tell you that, too.

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OUR GUARANTEE. We guarantee 99.99% uptime for your Verbost-hosted website. If your site is down, on our account, for more than five consecutive minutes, we'll refund the entire amount of your last invoice, give you the next month of hosting for free, and pay for the stamp.

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* Need a custom hosting solution? Drop a note to sales@verbost.com.

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